Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Charlaine Harris is one of my favorite authors. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a hoot when you hear her speak at public forums. A perfect day for me, a glass of sun tea, my favorite reading chair, and a Sookie Stackhouse novel. It just doesn’t get any better. Her characters are well written, converse in snappy dialogue, and pleasingly plotted. Yes I’m a fan.

I’ve eagerly watched HBO ramp up their promotions for the fall series True Blood. The series is based on Charlaine’s heroine. Sookie Stackhouse, who is a telepathic Louisiana barmaid and a friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures. I’ve got my finger’s crossed they stay true to the essence of the character’s Charlaine has created.

The sequence started with Dead Until Dark and her latest addition is Dead as a Doornail. Her series is considered Urban Fantasy. I prefer the term, cross genre, a mix of mystery and sci-fi. Both good reasons to check out the new series this fall on HBO.
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