Saturday, August 30, 2008


Lee Driver's Chase Dagger series is a must for us cross-genre junkies. She straddles the genres with a foot firmly planted in mystery, yet comfortable with the other entrenched in fantasy. Her novels always make a fantastic read and appeal to both groups. Her skill at plotting keeps the twists and turns coming, but not at the expense of characterization. I always clear time when I pick up her books, knowing once I start I won't stop until I reach the end.

Chasing Ghosts explores Dagger's past and the shadow company BettaTec that has been hinted at in previous novels. Also Chase realizes (about time) that he's in love with Sara. A fun visit with the pair who finally sync their working relationship. And a hilarious longer look at the secondary cast members. My favorite is Skizzy, the brilliant techno-nerd. who is hanging by his fingernails on the mental health floor. Although I wanted to smack him about half way through for continuously calling Sara "girly". Except for that quibble it was a pleasurable romp of a ride. As always I'm left wanting more of Chase and Sara.

Lee Driver also writes as S.D.Tooley
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