Friday, August 22, 2008


I love it when I find a new author, so I'm blogging today about my discovery. Only wish I would of found her sooner.

Bitten is a fine debut. Kelley Armstrong writing is imaginative and extremely descriptive. Her book is urban fantasy, with a touch of mystery and romance.

Elena Michaels, the protagonist, is the only female werewolf in her pack. She deplores the urgings of her wild side and is trying to be a typical strong modern women living apart from her pack. Obviously it's not working, she must return to her pack which comes under siege by outside werewolves(mutts). AT this point the race is on to the end of the novel. Quite the page turner once I got past the initial third of the book.

My big quibble was the amount of back story in the beginning of the book. The narrative slowed the story to the point I laid the book aside several times. Her descriptions of transforming into a wolf and hunting however drew me back in. The last half of the book was well plotted and paced even though the ending was somewhat predictable.

I don't usually believe the blurbs on the back of a novel, but this time the claim she does for werewolves what Anne Rice did for vampires is correct. I'm sure to read her next entry in her Women of the Otherworld series.
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