Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm a lucky gal. I've got friends on both sides of the aisle so to speak. Although we may not always agree on a topic, we always agree on our friendships. A rare and precious commodity I cherish more as I get older.

We've argued over politics, teased about politics, and agreed on politics. Although I have said very little on this blog about the election, I've found myself smiling and invigorated over Obama's campaign. I haven't felt this way since Robert Kennedy. The mood at Obama Headquarters in Indianapolis was light, bright, and party-like. (Dare I say hopeful.)

I've got a special Republican Friend who is all sunshine and light, at least she's practicing long deep chi breaths since election night. She even grinned when I told her I would miss President George Bush like an abscessed tooth. It's good to be able to disagree and still be friends. I miss her dearly, especially our bi-weekly lunches at Panera. So in honor of her new light and sunshine here's a special video to help her reach her zenith.

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