Friday, October 31, 2008


Milo Ventimiglia is my new pass. I'm sure you've all played this game. If you actually met the guy and clicked, your thoughtful significant other would give you a pass on this one time slip into infidelity. The big part of the game is you must announce far in advance your prey, I mean pass. Over the years my pass has changed and I make sure my husband stays up on my ever changing potential pass victims. (Can we say fickle?) His response is to rolls his eyes, mumbled a threat, and then return to his crossword puzzle. He knows I'm just like Jimmy Carter and only lust from afar. The mumbled threat is just in case I actually would catch my prey. Anyway back to Milo.

I recorded season three of Heroes, unfortunately I'm just now getting around to watching them. (I told you I'd been busy.) The first two seasons I had no lust in my heart for Milo, but wow give a man a scar and I find him intriguing. My curious mind wants to know how he got scared. The scar hints he might be a bad boy and goodness knows women love their bad boys. Season three is great compared to the previous two seasons. Now if they would just get rid of the character Skylar, and Milo's character Peter is just the one to do it.

So in the spirit of Halloween I've stalked my prey and laid him out for all to view. No touching. I'm not through playing with him. So who are you stalking? Whose you're prey? Let me know.
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