Monday, July 6, 2009


Why do we continue to read or watch a series when the reader knows the plot? We continue to read even when the characters show no growth. What is it that entices us to open the cover when we know the sad truth is the series has run out of steam? Well in my case it's to visit old friends and predictability.

Finger Lickin Fifteen by Janet Evanovich. It's time to visit Stephanie, Lula, Grandma and the boys, Morelli and Ranger. Stephanie is currently not involved with either of her men nor have her bounty hunter skills improved. Lula is still wearing spandex that is stretch to its limits. Grandma and Lula are both carrying a gun and neither one can hit a damn thing. Sounds about like we left them last year. Janet E's Plum series, for me is the novel version of watching I Love Lucy reruns. It's funny and predictable.

This time Lula is witness to a murder. Throughout the novel the assassins try to take Lula out, Lula perseveres, even will ducking for cover she decides Stephanie, Grandma and her should enter a million dollar barbecue sauce recipe contest. One small problem, the only thing they now about barbecue sauce is eating it. One can only image the trouble they get into with this contest. The sauce thread alone is worth the read.

Ranger, I do love a dangerous man, needs Stephanie to help him figure out who has broken into his data base at Rangeman headquarters and robbing his customers. Stephaine skates along the edges of the envelope trying not to fall in bed with Ranger while working for him. Personally I won't skate. I would take a leap and land in the middle of the bed. Morrelli's nice but Ranger is definitely my pick for Stephanie's love interest. Actually Stephanie ends up solving a problem with her brain this time instead of luck.

The Plum Series isn't the most lyrically written, nor does it have a multitude of plot twists. What it does have is lots of belly laughs and a wonderful afternoon of reading. Three stars on my billboard anyday.
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