Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What makes you pick up a new book? An interesting cover? Favorite author? Enticing hook on the inside cover? How about book trailers? Lately they are all the rage, everybody whose anybody is making one for their book. I like them short, few spoken words, music appropriate for the novels theme, and evocative pictures which pique my interest.

I remember my first book trailer. Alex Kava's A Perfect Evil in 2000. It was extremely simply compared to the current trailers, however it drew me in. The view was the backside of a man, walking in deep snow toward a house surrounded by forest. The sound track consisted of howling wind, a short voice over and more wailing winds. The entire trailer was maybe 30 seconds long. I got goose-flesh, swear I felt the evil radiate off the computer and was immediately drawn into the scene. I didn't realize this was Alex Kava's debut. What a way to start off with a bang. I attended one of her signings, managed to put into words,how much I enjoyed the trailer. I still read Alex and was pleased with her latest novel Exposed.

In earlier posts I've mentioned Sandy Tooley's (aka Lee Driver) Chasing Ghosts trailer, Kit Ehrman's Triple Cross trailer, done on small budgets but very professional looking and both enticed me to read their books.

Can I weed out some books based on the trailer. Yes, The first clue is the music. When I click on the trailer if it has a pounding bass that increases my blood pressure, I know I'm in the wrong age bracket. If there's no tension in the music, it's probably a cozy.(I like to have the be-jesus scared out of me so I rarely read cozies.) If it has pictures of teens or soldiers again not my cup of tea. Although I must admit I enjoy quite a few of the teen book videos.

Out of all the trailers I've visited lately here's one which is very well done. Only 90 seconds long. But you get the gist of the debut novel and the potential for a series. Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon
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